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Food Vending Machine For Schools
Student Team/ Author : Subrahmanya Shetty,Chandrshekar,Shivananda L.C,Udaya G
Guide By : Pradeep Kanchan
Degree : computer science and engineering
College : NMAM Institute of Technology,Nitte
The purpose of our project is to design a vending machine which can provide mid-day meals and milk to the school children using extremely simple steps. These steps will not be time consuming at all. The student will get all the details on the screen which he/she should follow. We have made an attempt to vend food and milk for the students and also staff based on government scheme. Free meals are provided in schools as part of the “mid-day meal” program to encourage poor parents to send their children to school. But the one major problem is poor management. To overcome this problem we planned to design vending machine. Vending machine distributes the food and milk based on finger print scanner. Machine Combined with its proprietary finger vein biometric authentication system and a conventional vending machine make it possible for registered students and staff to easily get their things.

Machine has major components such as microcontroller, finger print scanner, heater, electronic valve. First, finger print scanner scans the finger and sends the signal to the vending machine whenever signal received in the machine automatically an Motor start rotating and timer sets the time to fall down one glass of rice. Electronic valve is used to pass two glass of hot water to rice making container. Both valves is connected to the container. The same procedure is follows to making sambar. A machine has a different container for making sambar and a motor and electronic valve is used to pass the dal and hot water; hot water comes with the sambar powder.

To make milk, we used milk powder storage container and a pot which contains milk. Both are connected using electronic valve. Whenever machine receives the signal motor starts rotating and it passes the milk powder from the storage container to milk making container. Alternatively, and a solenoid valve is used to pass the hot water to the milk making container. Both milk powder and hot water are mixed in outlet funnel. Fresh milk is distributed to children during morning and rice and sambar needs time to cook. Here machine passes the low steam to both rice and sambar making container to cook good quality food. Before lunch time rice and sambar is ready to distribute the food. During lunch time, a student or staff must give the finger print and the software is used which compares the morning attendance of a student. If it matches, then machine starts automatically and student or staff can easily get their mid day meals as per government scheme.

A machine has three containers for rice, sambar & milk which work as follows:

A rice container contains spiral which is connected to motor. Whenever motor starts rotating the rice falls down into a plate. After a student gets the rice, he/she holds the plate near gravy distribution valve. The electronic valve opens and sambar falls down onto a plate and the same procedure is applied for distributing the milk. Whenever glass is held near milk distribution valve, the milk falls down into the glass.

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