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    Techpedia, an initiative at SRISTI aims at putting the problems of micro, small and medium enterprises, informal sector, grassroots innovators and other social sectors on the agenda of the young technology students across the country. For over last sixty years, India has not utilized much the technological outputs of millions of students. But no more. Can a knowledge society really afford to ignore the huge talent distributed in thousands of polytechnics, diploma and degree colleges of engineering, pharmacy, medical science, agriculture etc.? SRISTI is providing a platform for the industry and academic institutions to collaborate, co-create and foster distributed and horizontal innovations. Most of the ideas mentioned here have been implemented and the initial results are shown extremely encouraging.

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    SRISTI and Honey Bee Network mourn the sad demise of former President of India, Bharat Ratna, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam whose birthday, Oct 15, has been celebrated by the Children's Creativity and Innovation Day. Dr Kalam who is also best known as missile man of India gave us the chance to take the grassroots innovations and children creativity to national stage. His inspiration enabled us to create an identity for the innovators & traditional knowledge holders to the new height at national and movement of grassroots innovation to global level. His loss is unimaginable and irreparable. We pray for his departed soul.

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    GYTI-2017 Award Winner

    Indigenous Technology Of Soft Body Armour For Defence Applications Using 3d Woven Aramid Fabrics

    Student Team:

    College Name :

    Soft body armours are developed by using multiple layers of high performance fabrics. Generally 30-40 layers of 2D fabrics woven aramid fabrics (Kevlar, Technora etc.) or ultrahigh molecular weight po

    Portable Geo-specific Water Filtration Bottle

    Student Team: ,Anupam Chandra

    College Name :

    Potable water contamination is a very serious problem for the world. Since water influences the global ecology as well as the economic environment, its availability is being considered as prime parame

    Non-invasive, Point-of-care Diagnostic System For Early Detection Of Oral Cancer Using Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging

    Student Team: ,Dr. Sudipta Mukhopadhyay,Prof. Swapna Bannerjee,Dr. Sourav Mukhopadhyay,Manashi Chakraborty,Prof. Jay Gopal Ray,Dr. Santanu Patsa,Dr. Nishat Anjum

    College Name :

    Worldwide oral cancer is the 6th most prevalent form of cancer while in India it is the most common form of cancer. The prevalence of oral cancer is predominantly high amongst the socio-economically c

    Design Of Highly Efficient And Inexpensive Membrane Equipment As Import Substitutes For Demineralized Water Production And Hemodialysis

    Student Team: ,Harsha Nagar,Nazia Shaik,M. Madhumala,Y.V.L. Ravikumar

    College Name :

    Demineralized (DM) water has gained huge importance in various industries including preparation of ultrapure water for saline and dialysis fluids in hospitals, laboratory for culture preparation, micr

    A Mechanism For Toilet Seat Sanitation

    Student Team: ,Arvind Pujari,Tanay Garg,Shashwat Jain,Kushal Kumar Reddy DVSS,Subham K Sahana

    College Name :

    We have developed a simple, purely mechanical device to ensure the sanitation and cleaning of the toilet seat by the push of a foot pedal which can be implemented as an add-on to the existing toilet s

    Grid Interactive Solar Pv Based Water Pumping Using Bldc Motor Drive

    Student Team: ,Rajan Kumar

    College Name :

    This innovation proposes a bidirectional power flow control of a grid interactive solar photovoltaic (SPV) fed water pumping system. A brushless DC (BLDC) motor-drive without phase current sensor, is

    Design & Development Of Automated Five Axis Cnc Ball End Magnetorheological Finishing Machine

    Student Team: ,Zafar Alam,Faiz Iqbal,Dilshad Ahmad Khan

    College Name :

    In recent times the demand of products having surface finish of the order of nanometers has reached an all time high. This is due to these products having properties such as high corrosion resistance,

    Affordable Kit For Cervical Cancer Detection.

    Student Team: ,Anurag Meena,Syed Basseruddin Alvi,Prof.Rohit Srivastava

    College Name :

    The Cervical cancer and Cervical Intra-Epithelial Neoplasia (CIN) detection in India is mostly by means of a Visual Inspection with Acetic acid which is considered much feasible and economical1 Acetic

    Portable Biosensing Platform Based On Conducting Polymer Decorated Optical Fiber For Bacteria As Well As Heavy Metal Sensing In Tap Water

    Student Team: ,Sutapa Chandra,Arvind Dhawangale ,Prof. Soumyo Mukherji

    College Name :

    The presence of water borne bacteria and heavy metals in tap water could be a potential human health risk and may lead to death in young children and adult with compromised immune system. The purpose


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    I am extremely happy to see an initiative of SRISTI (Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions...
    By Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

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